What are the Best Protein Shakes

Protein shakes aid muscle growth, help with the repairing of muscles following strenuous exercise and when combined, help to build strength, we thought we’d run a few brands through their paces to try and find some of the best protein shakes on the market.

Protein shakes should not be used as a replacement to food, as there’s no beating a good wholesome diet consisting of protein rich foods such as fish and chicken, instead, protein shakes should be used to get protein back into the body as quickly as possible following heavy exercise.  The consistency of protein shakes when mixed in water means that protein will be able to be absorbed into the body as quickly as possible.  When combined with the fact that the best protein shakes are very quick and easy to mix, protein shakes become a very easy and effective method of getting the body the proteins that it needs to grow and repair in the quickest time possible.


Gold Standard Whey from Optimum Nutrition

what are the best Whey protein shakes

Gold Standard Whey was voted best protein shake (from protein powder) and supplement of the year four years in a row from 2005 to 2008 and it still has what it takes as one of the most loved post workout routine protein drinks in the business.  Voted one of the best protein shakes available Gold Standard Whey contains 24g of protein per shake.

– Optimum Nutrition Whey protein isolates are 90% pure protein.

– 24 grams of protein per shake serving

– low in calories, lactose, fat and cholesterol


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Gold Standard Whey nutrition info


LA Whey Protein from LA Muscle

Best Protein Shakes LA Whey

La Whey protein from LA Muscle was voted one of the best protein shakes in 2011 by leading fitness magazine Men’s Health.  With a massive 48grams of protein per serving

– High 48g of protein and Lactose free

– Lower water retention with higher Potassium to Sodium ratios

– No artificial sweeteners or additives.


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Best Protein Shake Nutrition

Muscle Milk from CytoSport

Muscle milk protein shakes

Muscle milk is the award winning protein shake from CytoSport.  BodyBuilding.com’s winner of the best protein supplements award for excellence in 2011.  Muscle milk features 32grams of protein per serving with a slightly higher carbohydrate level.

– Muscle milks protein blend promotes a quick release whey protein to get the protein where its needed.

– 32g of protein and Lactose free.

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Protein shake nutritional info

Syntha-6 Protein Powder from BSN

Syntha 6 Protein shakeBodyBuilding.com’s protein supplements award winner for 2011, Syntha-6 protein powder from BSN contains 22g of protein per serving and just 2g of saturated fat.


– Syntha 6 contains 6 different protein sources mixed to create a combo of fast, medium and slow releasing proteins.

– No soy protein


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