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Christian Bale Workout and Diet for Batman The Dark Knight Rises

Christian Bale Workout

Christian Bale is no stranger to pushing his body to its limits to create the most believable look for the films he stars in, whether it’s slimming down to an almost emaciated shape for The Machinist or bulking up to portray Batman in Chistopher Nolans re-envisioning of the Dark Knight, Christian Bale is focused and dedicated in his workout routines and diet. Christian Bale is currently working on his third Batman film portraying millionaire playboy […]

Chris Evans Workout Routine and Diet for Captain America

Chris Evans workout routine

Chris Evans is no novice when it comes to superhero films, previously starring in both Fantastic Four films as Johnny Storm also known as The Human torch, but taking on the mantle of Captain America and filling his super soldier boots and costume was an entirely different challenge.  To give you a bit of back story Captain America was originally a scrawny boy who was too weak to make it into the army, but following an […]

Hugh Jackman Workout Routine and Diet for Wolverine

Hugh Jackman workout routine

Hugh Jackman plays wolverine, a member of the superhero team the X-men, Wolverine is known for his unbreakable adamantium skeleton and a healing factor that when combined make him virtually indestructible. On top of that his powers and namesake give him raw animal characteristics, a short temper and a huge rage, but let’s not forget, he’s one of the good guys. Hugh Jackman’s workout routine and preparation for the X-men films not only had to […]

Jason Momoa Workout and Diet for Conan


Jason Momoa has always been a big guy at 6foot 5inches and playing muscular warrior characters meant that the Hawaiian has had to stay in pretty good shape and look after his body. Momoa’s previous roles have included Ronon Dex in Stargate and more recently the undefeated warrior Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, but his most recent outing as the legendary Conan the Barbarian meant that he had to pack on an extra 25 […]

Daniel Craig Workout and Diet

daniel craig workout

Daniel Craig has to be in tip top condition for his role as James Bond, ripped and cut for his license to kill. This is an intensive workout that requires as much rest and nourishment as it does dedication and effort. Train hard and work hard, put the time and dedication in and you will see some amazing results.