Hugh Jackman Workout Routine and Diet for Wolverine

Hugh Jackman plays wolverine, a member of the superhero team the X-men, Wolverine is known for his unbreakable adamantium skeleton and a healing factor that when combined make him virtually indestructible. On top of that his powers and namesake give him raw animal characteristics, a short temper and a huge rage, but let’s not forget, he’s one of the good guys. Hugh Jackman’s workout routine and preparation for the X-men films not only had to get him in the shape of a skilled indestructible military weapon but also the mindset of a ferocious warrior.

Hugh Jackman workout routine


Starring in films such as the Van Hellsing, the X-Men series and Wolverine Xmen origins, Hugh has to exercise to keep in tip top physical shape. He uses a workout routine and diet that not only bulks him up with a hard muscle packed frame but gets his body ripped, so when he’s onscreen bearing his claws and his body, he looks immensely tough and cut. Hugh’s now forty years old and he attributes his physique secret to this combination of bulking up and ripping down that gives him abs he could sharpen his claws on.


Hugh Jackman’s workouts have to fit around very hectic filming schedule, so some times he’s in the gym as early as 4 o’clock to get a full workout in before his filming starts. Research suggest mornings are the best times to carry out a full on heavy workout routine when you are feeling most psyched about the day ahead, before you have the whole day to get your mind out of the game which is going to affect your workout routine intensity. Jackman used the workouts as preparation for the role of Wolverine, putting all his intensity and ferociousness into each exercise in order to bring out his inner beast.


Workout Intensity and Frequency – Click to Download the Full Hugh Jackman Workout now

The Hugh Jackman workout lasts for about 1.5 hours but this could vary to 1 hour dependent on time restrictions, judge how much time you have available and set your workout accordingly. Before and immediately following the workout Hugh would always carry out a short warm up and warm down consisting mostly of cardiovascular activity, go for a 15 minute run, swim or bike, leaving an hour for a full on intensive workout routine. Exercise routines should be split to target two muscle groups per day and routine:

Day 1: Chest and Triceps

Day 2: Back and Biceps

Day 3: Legs – Quads and Hamstrings

Exercises should be performed as supersets, moving from the first to the second with no rest in between, supersets with little rest will increase the cardio aspect of your training and allow your muscles to develop together. Choose weights that allow you to lift with good form but have you failing by the end of your final reps in the last set.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Muscle


Hugh Jackman Workout Routine Exercises

The basis behind Hugh Jackman’s workout exercises is in big compound lifting moves, but these should be combined with more muscle targeted moves depending on the muscle group targeted that day, for example on your back and bicep day combine the larger moves with bicep curls. Never get used to the exercises you are carrying out and vary the factors daily, for example change up the number of reps, the speed of exercises, the incline of the bench you use and keep adding the weight as soon as you can.

Clean and Press

Wolverine clean and press


Front Squat

Hugh Jackman Front Squat



Dead Lifts



Hugh Jackman Diet – View our recommended protein shakes for maximum gains

Getting the body of Wolverine didn’t just involve intense workout routines, Hugh Jackman had to make sure he rested and ate the right foods to allow for his muscles to develop while avoiding injuries at the same time. With such big target gains Jackman’s diet consisted of alot of protein taken both before and after a workout, he tried to get as much protein as possible from natural food sources such as chicken breast and fish and then supplemented this with protein shakes when needed. Try to aim for as little processed foods as possible and limit your drinks to just water.



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